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Health Insurance in Studies

Health insurance is a big topic for many students. Depending on the age, marital status or employment relationship, the possibilities vary. We light up the darkness!

Insurance and student status

Insurance and student status

The student status is a special one, not only because of the many discounts : For you in many areas have their own rules, because you are not a worker in the classical sense (usually not even if you work alongside), but you are not unemployed ,

In Germany there is a compulsory insurance. This means that you definitely have to have health insurance at all times during your studies (apart from the fact that of course this is also in your interest).

We give you a reliable overview of what it looks like when studying with health insurance companies! All information refers to the statutory health insurance and study at a German university.

Under 25: health insurance in family insurance

Under 25: health insurance in family insurance

Case 1: under 25, full-time study, earning less than 450 euros, parents or spouse in the statutory health insurance

If you are under 25 years old and either your parents or spouse or your spouse are insured by law, then you can be covered by this family insurance. Family insurance is always free for you and for your loved ones. Important: If you want to be in the family insurance, then you have an income limit of 450 €, if you have a mini-job. For other types of income there is a limit of 435 euros. Your Federal financial aid and / or the maintenance payments of your parents are not considered as eligible income. The maximum monthly earnings mean average values. For example, if you only work during the semester break, then you can earn much more here without it affecting your health insurance.

Important: If you are under the age of 25 and work as a student trainee, ie earn more than 450 euros, you can not stay in the family insurance. You can then insure yourself in the student insurance. Just read the next case.

Over 25, under 30: student insured

Over 25, under 30: student insured

Case 2: older than 24, under 30, under 14 semesters, full-time study

When you turn 25, unfortunately, is over with the family insurance. Just in time for your 25th birthday you have to assure yourself. Each health insurance company has a special contribution for student compulsory insurance. These are by the self-imposed additional contributions not the same, but are including care insurance always around 90 €. You are allowed to work in a mini-job or work-study status.

If you refer to Federal financial aid, you will receive a subsidy to pay the costs of the health insurance.

From 30: voluntarily insured during studies

From 30: voluntarily insured during studies

Case 3: over 30 or at least 14 semesters, no employment subject to social insurance

If you are already 30 or older or have reached the 14th semester, you can no longer insure yourself in student compulsory insurance. From this point on you have to voluntarily insure yourself. “Voluntary” here is the name of the insurance status, in this case, there is a compulsory insurance in Germany.

There are two possibilities here:

a) You are in the final phase of your studies
If you have to insure yourself voluntarily, you can use a so-called “transitional rate” for a maximum of 6 months. During this time, you will receive a cheaper contribution in the voluntary insurance to complete your studies. Including long-term care insurance are just over 140 euros.

b) You are permanently insured voluntarily
If these 6 months are over in the special tariff and you continue to study, you must insure yourself regularly. The amount of voluntary insurance depends on your monthly income. The health insurance always goes from the minimum income limit of 1050 euros. This means that you have to pay at least 142.10 euros plus additional contribution plus care insurance.

Possible extension of the age limit

There are exceptional cases in which you can stay in student health insurance for more than 30 years. This applies, for example, if you have studied late, because you have come on the second educational path to study. Even the birth of a child, a serious illness or the care of relatives are considered delays. The health insurance assesses whether and how long you can still stay in the student health insurance. You should therefore deal with your insurance as early as possible.

With 37 years (the reason for this time is the calculation “30 years plus 14 semesters”) is in any case but finally concluded with the student health insurance contributions.

What about the 14 semesters?

From the 15th semester you have to insure yourself voluntarily. For this you should know that semesters are something other than high school semester. They always refer to the current degree program. For example, if you have studied law for 10 semesters, then graduated and started studying English, you are back in the first semester.

Are the semesters of Bachelor and Master added together?

It gets complicated when it comes to the question of how it is in terms of Bachelor and Master. As a rule, the semesters in the Master are also counted from the beginning. However, when it comes to the same course of studies, the health insurance funds will include the semesters. Then you may not need more than 14 semesters for bachelor and master to be insured for students.

However, there are also reports from students who have asserted that the health insurance has not added the master to the bachelor’s semesters. There is a kind of gray area here. Many Masters do not completely correspond to the Bachelor’s programs, for example, another focus is placed. Then it may be worthwhile to try it with the argument that the semesters have to be counted from scratch.

Student insurance with more than 450 euros

Student insurance with more than 450 euros

Case 4: Social insurance subject busy in the study

In all constellations presented so far: If you regularly earn over 450 euros a month and work more than 20 hours a week, so you have no student status, you are liable to social security (and taxable!) And you have to insure your job.

If you are in family insurance or can take the student insurance, this option is probably not useful. Anyone who earns an unusually large amount usually also works accordingly, which can lead to a delay in their studies. In addition, the Federal financial aid claim then expires, for example.

If you can no longer be in the student health insurance, unfortunately, you have only the options to insure yourself about a job or to finance a voluntary insurance, for example, about a self-employment.

So far, we have always started from a full-time study, which means that your main occupation is not your job but your studies. If you are studying part-time as a part-time job, the rule of law about your job requiring social insurance contributions is insurance.

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