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Health insurance: how it works and what it covers in 3 points

The health insurance intervenes in the event of any illness or accident of the insured or his family, constituting a valid alternative to the national health system.


Health insurance: what it is

Health insurance

Health insurance is a type of optional insurance that allows you to take advantage of a private medical service without spending large sums. Very common in countries where there is no state health care system (for example, the United States), in recent years it has also found space in Italy due to the frequent disruptions of our public health, which guarantees free but not always efficient medical care , starting with long waiting times. This is why many people prefer to rely on private healthcare , which, however, has very high costs: health insurance is needed precisely so that these costs do not fall into their bank account.


Health insurance: what coverage does it provide?

what coverage does it provide?

There are different types of health insurance , each with the most suitable covers for every type of customer need, and possibly also extended to family members or employees. The most common are the following:


Indemnities : guarantee the insured a pre-established sum for each day of admission and, if the need arises, even for the days of post-hospital recovery . They also provide for compensation for plaster casts due to bone fractures and for any loss of earnings resulting from the fact that they could not work, because they are hospitalized or convalescent.

To reimbursement : they compensate the beneficiary, in full or in part (depending on the terms of the contract), for the medical expenses incurred due to an accident or illness. These expenses can be prepaid by the insured person, who will then be reimbursed by his insurance, or debited directly to the insurance company.

For permanent disability : they assign an economic compensation proportionally to the degree of disability. To collect it, however, it is necessary that the disability exceeds at least 26% .

In summary, health insurances offer coverage for hospitalization, hospitalization, treatment, physiotherapy and rehabilitation expenses, purchases of medicines during hospitalization and diagnostic tests related to illness or injury.


Vice versa, health insurances do not offer coverage for cosmetic procedures, dietetic treatments, corrections of physical defects, voluntary non-therapeutic abortions, particular diseases such as AIDS, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, as well as injuries deriving from alcohol abuse, drugs, hallucinogens and psychotropic drugs.


Health insurance: to whom it is recommended

Health insurance: to whom it is recommended

In Italy , medical expenses are free by law , but in reality we know that this is not the case: taking care of your teeth, for example, costs a fortune, as do contacting physiotherapists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, etc. Not to mention that the free health services guaranteed by the State, for which the ticket must still be paid, often require very long waiting times.


Enter into a ‘ health insurance instead allows you to seek treatment privately by a professional, gaining immediate benefit with the repayment of all or part of the costs. For this reason, health insurance is recommended to everyone, especially for people who are not very young, while bearing in mind that some contracts allow the stipulation only within an age limit (from 65 to 80 years, depending on the company ).

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