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Health Insurance for Dogs and Cats

The affection that we bring to our pets deserves to take care of their health. Veterinary care is expensive and the use of dog and cat insurance can be very useful for covering health expenses. Indeed, a simple fracture of the leg can easily exceed 1000 euros. It is essential to ask your veterinarian the cost of an intervention before deciding.

Follow our advice to compare the different proposals and choose in perfect knowledge of your contract.

Health protection contracts for pets

Health protection contracts for pets

There are different forms of mutual health insurance for pets with different guarantees from one contract to another.

Note that 1st and 2nd category dogs are mostly excluded by companies.
Main guarantees offered by a mutual

Most dog and cat insurance contracts offer you to cover veterinary expenses in the event of an accident or illness, that is to say the costs of care composed by:

  • Fees for the consultation
  • Pharmacy fees for prescription drugs
  • Expenses for laboratory, radiology and ultrasound examinations including postoperative
  • Expenses of transport in animal ambulance if the state justifies it
  • Surgical intervention and associated costs, particularly in case of hospitalization
  • Finally, the cost of euthanasia in a specialized establishment if the condition of the animal justifies it. Note that most contracts, however, exclude incineration costs.

Most dog and cat insurance policies offer extra options in the higher formulas.

Note that some companies offer assistance to the owners of the animal. For example, APRIL offers to keep your pet or to take care of the transfer costs to a relative if the owner is immobilized or to give him advice if the animal should be lost.

Subscription conditions

Subscription conditions

For your pet to be insured, it is essential that he meets certain conditions:
Be identified (tattooed or chipped). Recall that the identification of domestic animals is mandatory in France

  • Be up to date with mandatory vaccines depending on the type of animal.
  • To be in good health and not to present particular affections
  • Be between 3 months and 5 years old (age varies from one company to another, but all insurers have a minimum age and maximum age requirement.

What level of reimbursement?

As a rule, the contracts allow you to benefit from a reimbursement up to the actual costs incurred. The benefits vary from 50% to 100% depending on the formula and the contract chosen. It can be variable depending on the cause. In general, interventions by accident are better reimbursed than by illness.

Our advices

Our advices

Take the time to compare the health benefits for the most expensive care. Depending on your situation, consider the civil liability that covers the damages that your pet could cause to third parties.
On the other hand, be sure to take some precautions before subscribing to your contract. As with a mutual health insurance for humans, it is necessary to compare the contracts and read carefully the general conditions, especially the part concerning the exclusions.

Compare the level of deductibles and the limits applied by the insurer

Compare the level of deductibles and the limits applied by the insurer

In general, you should have a grace period of at least 6 months for a surgical operation and, depending on the contract, 1 to 2 months in case of illness. As for the annual reimbursement ceiling per animal, it varies greatly depending on the company.

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