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Australian Health Insurance

Before leaving for Australia, as well as for every journey, it is always best to inquire about the health insurance system present on the destination territory.

Regarding the Australian health insurance, you must know that Italy and Australia have signed international agreements thanks to which you will be covered by health insurance for the first six months of stay in Australia.

The first thing to do to get health insurance

The first thing to do to get health insurance

When you arrive in Australia, you will need to go to one of the Medicare offices, Australia’s national health system, with your passport and health card. Here you will have to fill out some forms and you will receive, at the address you have indicated, a card with your name and an identification code that will constitute your Australian health card.

To obtain it, you will be provided with an English form to fill out with several pages, so I advise you to be accompanied by someone who speaks English, if you do not feel completely comfortable doing it yourself.

Healthcare in Australia

Healthcare in Australia

Australian public health care is excellent, particularly in large urban centers, but can be very expensive if you are not covered by insurance. Therefore, know that the stipulation of Medicare does not cover you in every case: for example, dental care and ambulance transport are excluded.

Before leaving, consider carefully. If you want to be truly 100% calm, it will be better to proceed to the stipulation of a private insurance (there are so many, for all budgets). By now there are various types and various price ranges.

The advice is to choose an insurance that provides for direct payment, rather than reimbursement of medical treatment. In this way you will be sure not to have to pay anything from your own pocket. If for any specific medical service you are asked to pay immediately, remember to have your bill issued and keep all the contact details of the clinic or medical center where you went.

At the conclusion of each insurance contract, read all the clauses carefully. It will take you some time, but it is good to start with clear ideas knowing exactly what coverage you will be entitled to and which ones you will not.

The details that should not be underestimated

The details that should not be underestimated

Among the details worth checking out is also the repatriation by plane on a vehicle plane with a doctor on board. In particularly serious situations it may be necessary and providing without any insurance could be very expensive indeed.

Remember also that the insurances do not cover previous and recurrent illnesses of the same. At the signing of the contract you will be asked for your current health conditions and you may be asked for an additional cost in case of special situations.

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